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About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Tom (aka DigiP) and I do web and graphic design.

In 2010 I formally started my own business, Tick Tock Computers LLC, and took on work from many clients in the information security field before closing the business in 2014. From 2015-2022 I worked exclusively for Offensive Security (OffSec) as a full time employee, so my portfolio mainly consists of work I have performed for one business during this period.

My role involved updating content and creating assets for various OffSec web properties and items. From creating logos, to blog posts and images, swag and conference materials, to signage, flyers and one-pagers, email graphics, as well as graphics for display ads and social media campaigns. I was for many years the only person performing these tasks, from as far back as 2008 as a hired contractor on an as-needed basis, which eventually lead to me closing my business to work for them full time.

As OffSec grew there became a formalized marketing department, something we never had before. They quickly added new team members for me to work with in our new Marketing Department. I thoroughly enjoyed my work with this team and all that we accomplished with such a small group of hard working individuals. Everyone who came through the marketing department was a joy to work with. However, new management and change in roster among the team, has led to my departure. I am currently no longer working for OffSec and as of today, I am once again opening for business and taking on new clients.

On this site you will find a small sample of my recent works, but you can visit the OffSec site and their social media links for a better idea of my work over the past few years. It's kind of a living documentation of my works over the years, and if you're a student of OffSec you've seen my work on your certs, cards, misc. challenge coins and swag over the years.

My work is basically documented via the history of their various web properties and social media accounts from 2008 until April of 2022. While not all work is mine alone, much of it was and I'm happy with my growth and progress of where we came from and where things ended when I left.

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